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The Hair Apparent

Worried about your own recession? Get sophisticated hair loss treatment at Meshkati Hair Centre – a leading specialist since 1985. Meshkati can restore your hair in just 20 hours…

“YOU DON’T KNOW what you’ve got till it’s gone” can be applied to many things: President Obama, summer heatwaves, and EU membership to name but three.

On a more personal level, this sentiment might be best applied to hair. One morning you’re painstakingly sculpting your luscious rug into a magnificent quiff, as though The Great Wave off Kanagawa were cresting upon your forehead, and then time whooshes forward and you find your flowing locks have dissipated to the point of requiring careful manoeuvring to hide your gleaming scalp beneath.

Happily, you inhabit the year 2018, and solutions are at hand – none more advanced than Meshkati Hair Centre in Belgravia.

Meshkati offers personalised solutions to restore both density and volume of hair, regardless of the extent of hair loss.

“Meshkati is committed to researching and creating ever-more extensive treatments and has its own laboratory with specially created equipment”

After an examination of your hair and scalp, its specialists will advise you on the most suitable procedure for you, one that will maintain the health and integrity of each of your existing hair.

Non-surgical procedures use natural techniques that allow for a complete or partial hair reconstitution with immediate and lasting results. Using a detailed hair analysis called DNA-matched, Meshkati experts select substitution hair that matches the original in texture, colour, degree of waviness and thickness. The intervention lasts 20 hours spread over two to three days.

Surgical options include Follicular Unit Extraction and Permanent Bridgepoint, two procedures carried out under local anaesthesia that provide optimal results. The former corrects limited sparse areas on the scalp, while the latter adds unlimited hair with results immediately visible at the end of the intervention.

With more than 30 years in the industry, Amy Meshkati is a pioneer in the field of hair loss, and launched Meshkati in 2016 with the aim of becoming the leading hair restoration centre globally.

It’s certainly well on the way: Meshkati is committed to researching and creating ever- more extensive treatments, and even has its own laboratory – with specially created equipment – to achieve this goal. H

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