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Discover Meshkati, the luxury clinic in Belgravia where men and women find advanced, bespoke solutions to the issue of hair loss

A curtain of long, shiny hair. A glossy mane of tumbling locks. From Cleopatra to Botticelli’s goddesses, romantic heroines throughout cultural history are admired for their voluminous tresses. Male leading figures, too, are archetypically distinguished by a head of lustrous hair. Not everyone, however, is blessed with hair they want to draw attention to. Hair tends to thin as we get older, and hair loss caused by stress, genetic factors, thyroid or skin disease and over-processing can be dramatic.

For more than 30 years, Amy Meshkati – a French biologist and pioneer in undetectable hair-restoration procedures – has been a saviour in the treatment of hair loss, helping individuals to maintain a full head of hair. With the opening of her new clinic in an elegant town house in Belgravia, her personal expertise and that of her team of leading hair specialists and researchers is on hand to provide advanced and personalised solutions to hair loss concerns.

Understanding how the greatest artists have used hair to convey ideas and emotions feeds into Meshkati’s values. Conscious that hair is not merely an external appendage or simple covering, the firm’s clinicians use groundbreaking techniques to help reconnect clients with this most treasured conduit of self-confidence and personal expression.

Each procedure starts with a detailed consultation, during which a specialist will examine the hair and scalp, and advise whether a surgical, non-surgical or combination procedure is suitable. Nanoprocedure is one of the exclusive treatments pioneered by Amy’s research. This non-surgical approach, which requires just 20 hours of intervention spread over three or four days, allows for complete or partial hair restoration. Samples of hair are taken from the client and sent to the Meshkati laboratory to be analysed using a ‘DNA-matched’ process, which compares them with hairs from the clinic’s bank of natural hair. Once a match in colour, texture and desired length is found, the team can begin the ‘intervention’. Critically, while preserving every tress of existing hair, Meshkati’s specialists can achieve any desired hair density using substitute strands, regardless of the extent of the loss. But underlying all this exclusive technology is the ability to create naturally beautiful hair. Art, if you like, hand in hand with artistry.


Left: Amy Meshkati has devoted 30 years to developing bespoke solutions for undetectable hair restoration. Right: the sensuous depiction of luxuriant tresses in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Lady Lilith is a recurring motif in the work of Pre-Raphaelite painters.