Meshkati's signature Exosome treatment provides natural regeneration of follicles, tissue repair and stimulates hair growth

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What is Exosome?

Exosomes, extracellular vesicles naturally produced by cells, are pivotal messengers at the nanoscale, facilitating intercellular communication, this seamless exchange significantly influences essential biological processes. Upon encountering cells in need of repair, exosomes act as catalysts, initiating the restoration process and setting in motion the intricate wheels of cellular rejuvenation.

How Do Exosomes work?

Exosomes play a pivotal role in promoting the anagen phase of hair growth. By reducing inflammation and enhancing dermal papilla health, exosomes stimulate hair regrowth and preserve the hair bulb, preventing future hair loss. Benefits of our Exosome Treatment include natural regeneration of hair follicles, tissue repair, and scalp revitalization through multiple growth factors. This treatment supports the hair growth cycle, encouraging an earlier entry into the anagen phase, prolonging it, and delaying the start of the catagen phase to prevent further hair loss. For optimal results, we recommend a minimum of 5 treatments, spaced every two weeks

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