Our approach is based on three core values.

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For unparalleled results

At Meshkati, we abide by a standard of excellence in our work. Our goal is not solely to treat your hair; our mission is to create naturally beautiful hair, using state-of-the-art procedures, while respecting the health and integrity of each of your existing hairs. We begin by examining your hair and scalp to determine the most suitable procedure for you. While each intervention is unique, all of our hair-restoration procedures meet the same strict quality and procedural requirements.


For advanced solutions

Innovation, through research & development, is at the core of our mission. We strive to push the boundaries of science to continuously improve our hair loss and hair thinning solutions. It is this passion for continuous progress that drives our researchers. Their daily commitment to our mission leads to new discoveries, innovations and improved techniques.


For a lasting relationship

Hair loss can have a deep emotional impact and requires particular care and sensitivity. Beyond the high standards we set in our work, we aim to become your trusted contact for any hair-loss concern. We believe that as your chosen hair specialist, we enter into a relationship built on mutual trust and shared respect.