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20 January 2020

“Meshkati is serious about the science of hair loss. With over 30 years of experience, Amy Meshkati has revolutionised the field of hair reconstitution. Amy’s research has pioneered the most advanced new treatments and her bespoke solutions produce beautiful, entirely undetectable results; you’ve probably seen her work before, but you’d never know it..."

19 December 2019

Meshkati attended the Anti-Aging World Congress in Las Vegas. This internationally renowned conference brought together innovators in cosmetics and healthcare. Hair loss was as always a key theme throughout the Congress. A broad range of topics was addressed, including metabolic disbalances, endocrine diseases and hormonal variations impacting hair physiology and hair health.

2 September 2019

We are pleased to unveil our latest advertising campaign: ‘Naturally beautiful hair doesn’t always happen naturally. But it can happen by appointment.’ With this refreshed take on the successful ‘You Would Never Know’ campaign, Meshkati continues its unique and powerful communication.

5 July 2019

Friday 21st June marked the arrival of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. If you are about to go away on holiday, now is the time to book your relaxing and rejuvenating summer treatment to protect your hair in the months to come. This special summer treatment is packed with natural fruit extracts as well as coconut,… Read More

24 June 2019

Last week, Meshkati was delighted to host a press event on the theme of “Hair in Art History”, exploring the remarkable role hair has played in art throughout history. In a fascinating presentation, art historian and curator Reine Ullman Okuliar revealed the cultural and political significance of hair by transporting… Read More

19 June 2019

Meshkati has collaborated with arts writer Richard Unwin to explore the prominent role hair has played in art history, revealing some of the reasons behind its extraordinary visual power. Throughout history, hair has been a distinctive and uniquely perceived part of the human body, seen as a defining feature… Read More

30 May 2019

We are proud to be supporting the Annual Charity Golf Day at Dudsbury Golf Club, presented by Simplify Consulting on 21st June, in support of Wessex Cancer Trust. Wessex Cancer Trust runs five Support Centres within the… Read More

24 May 2019

Your hair is constantly growing and requires a whole matrix of nutrients to support it. A healthy diet is the key to improving the condition of your hair and ensuring optimum growth. First, be sure to eat at least one protein every day, preferably of animal origin such as lean… Read More

1 November 2018

We are pleased to be offering one- and two-hour hair loss prevention treatments, made exclusively from organic botanicals and tailored to your specific hair concern. By nourishing and strengthening the roots and follicles, these treatments will decrease hair loss, restructure your hair fibre and improve the condition and hydration of… Read More

29 June 2018

We have been selected for The Tatler Address Book; the health and beauty directory for those in the know. Based on first-hand experience, Tatler writes ‘At world-leading high-end hair centre Meshkati, founder Amy Meshkati and her talented team of experts create naturally beautiful hair.’… Read More

1 June 2018

We are pleased to announce that Amy Meshkati has been selected by the prestigious Middle Eastern HIA Magazine as Hair Specialist Contributor. Every month, Amy Meshkati will be sharing her experience and providing insights on hair to the readers of HIA Magazine. ‘My goal is to bring useful and… Read More

3 March 2018

‘If you are losing your hair, don’t despair’. Such begins the feature Hair for Eternity covering MESHKATI and our exclusive procedures in Tatler. Meanwhile, Town & Country connects the dots between ‘A head of glossy, healthy hair’ and ‘health, wealth and power’ in their piece… Read More

8 October 2017

MESHKATI led a campaign with multiple initiatives throughout the months of September and October 2017 to raise funds and awareness for cancer research. In collaboration with the marketing performance agency OMD EMEA, MESHKATI raised funds by hosting a charity day within OMD’s London office on September… Read More

3 May 2017

MESHKATI launches its 2017 campaign with a statement that emphasizes the superior quality of its know-how: “There’s a very good chance you’ve seen our work, but you would never know“. With this campaign, MESHKATI focuses on the impeccable and undetectable results of its hair restoration procedures. By challenging conventional… Read More

2 December 2016

MESHKATI co-sponsored the new edition of the gala organized by the French Institute on Spinal Cord and Brain Research (l’Institut pour la Recherche de la Moëlle Epinière et l’Encéphale – IRME) presided by Professor Marc Tadié. The event took place on December 2, 2016 at the Cercle de l’Union Interalliée… Read More

12 September 2016

MESHKATI is delighted to announce the opening of a new hair centre in London, at 10 Grosvenor Place. The new hair centre is located in a beautiful British townhouse in Belgravia. Led by Amy Meshkati, the centre gathers leading hair specialists and researchers, a team dedicated to providing advanced and… Read More