Our team of world-class hair specialists provides personalised and advanced solutions to address any hair concern.

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Non-surgical procedures

A natural non-surgical procedure for an immediate and lasting result

Nanoprocedure is a groundbreaking non-surgical procedure that restores your hair to the density you desire. Exclusively available at Meshkati, this technique enables a complete or partial hair reconstitution regardless of the extent of your hair loss. The results are immediate and long-lasting. Read More

The solution to hair loss during chemotherapy

Chemosoft is an exclusive non-surgical hair-restoration solution, specifically developed to address chemotherapy-induced hair loss. With Chemosoft, we set out to relieve cancer patients of the additional burden caused by hair loss, helping them heal with confidence. Read More

Surgical procedures

Surgical procedure to correct limited sparse areas

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an established hair-transplant solution. Our FUE team is one of the most highly regarded in the world and our approach to FUE ensures that we achieve optimal results. Read More

Soft surgical procedure to add unlimited hair

Exclusively available at Meshkati, this surgical procedure provides a permanent solution to advanced hair loss. Thanks to the Permanent Bridgepoint technique, we are able to add unlimited hair without compromising the health and integrity of your existing hair. Read More

Preventive treatments


1 hour

Made exclusively from organic botanicals, this treatment rejuvenates your hair and scalp. It is a spa-like experience, entirely personalised to you, with a made-to-measure serum which strengthens your hair and gives it more shine. Read More


2 hours

Our powerful Therapeutic Anti Hair Loss Treatment stabilises your hair loss and improves the condition of your hair and scalp. This new take on mesotherapy strengthens your hair follicles by nourishing them at the root. Read More