The solution to hair loss during chemotherapy

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What is Chemosoft?

Chemosoft is an exclusive hair-restoration solution specifically developed to address hair loss during chemotherapy.

This personalised solution is permanently fixed for the duration of your treatment, allowing you to retain your image as you focus fully on recovering. Completely natural and without any surgery, it is the most advanced and comfortable solution to short-term hair loss.

Why choose Chemosoft?





Your hair loss will go unnoticed

Permanent until your hair grows back


Safe and natural

The Chemosoft solution is entirely personalised. Using samples of your hair, we obtain natural donor hair that resembles your own or any desired hair of your choosing. The result is simply undetectable.

The Chemosoft solution is fixed for the entire duration of the treatment and until your hair grows back. This means that, unlike with a wig or headwear, you can shower, swim, exercise and sleep comfortably without worrying about your hair.

Unlike wigs, the exclusive Chemosoft solution is comfortable and feels like your own hair. You may run your hands through your hair and touch your scalp as you have always done.

Chemosoft is painless, non-surgical, 100% natural and without any side effects or contraindications, providing an entirely safe solution to hair loss.

How does Chemosoft work?

Based on an exact print of your hair and scalp, the Chemosoft solution recreates the look and feel of your real hair. The substitute hair is fully natural and of the same quality as the hair you’ve always had, so once it has been fixed, it feels like your own.


The Chemosoft solution may be provided at any time, either before therapy has begun, during the course of hair loss, or even once regrowth has started.


We use 100% natural hair from our hair bank and source only the highest-quality hair. We set a standard of excellence in our work and strive to constantly achieve a result that exceeds your expectations.


During the consultation you will receive a detailed explanation of Chemosoft and be shown a series of before-and-after images of similar cases.


You can also read more about Chemosoft by visiting our dedicated website:


“I would without a doubt recommend Chemosoft, but mostly I would entrust Meshkati. I not only feel like they gave me back my confidence during this whole process, but I also feel like I will have made a friend for life.”

— Sadie

Chemosoft client

“To this day, my young daughter has never known I have had cancer and that is down to the success of Chemosoft. And actually, only a small group of people did know – so many people assumed I hadn’t lost my hair...”

— Kate

Chemosoft client

“Nobody commented and nobody thought they were meeting with a cancer patient, which boosted my confidence.”

— Denis

Chemosoft client

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