Meshkati at the Anti-Aging World Congress in Las Vegas

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Meshkati at the Anti-Aging World Congress in Las Vegas

19 December 2019

Meshkati attended the Anti-Aging World Congress in Las Vegas. This internationally renowned conference brought together innovators in cosmetics and healthcare.

Hair loss was as always a key theme throughout the Congress. A broad range of topics was addressed, including metabolic disbalances, endocrine diseases and hormonal variations impacting hair physiology and hair health. Especially in focus were microbiome and gut-thyroid disorders, factors of our well-being, and comprehensive nutritional approaches to restore the fragile balance which influences the way our skin and hair age.

The roles of peptides, cell extracts and exosomes were presented among other emerging therapies and showed a promising future for personalised therapies promoting hair regeneration.

Discussions on the latest protocols and practices in surgical hair restoration were also addressed, in addition to treatment options focusing on maintaining and enhancing existing hair. A special symposium was also held addressing ways to support cancer patients through their nutrition and lifestyle during chemotherapy-induced hair loss.

After the Congress, a full spectrum review of the latest innovations was presented at Meshkati in London.