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Discover Meshkati, the luxury clinic in Belgravia where men and women find advanced, bespoke solutions to the issue of hair loss

A HEAD OF GLOSSY, HEALTHY HAIR is desired by men and women alike, traditionally signifying health, wealth and power. No wonder countless thickening shampoos, volumising conditioners and revitalising tonics are launched every year, each promising to change our hair for the better. Yet wash-out treatments can only do so much. It is believed that eight million women in the UK alone are suffering from hair loss, and that number appears to be on the increase.

For the past 30 years, the answer to hundreds of clients’ prayers has been the French biologist Amy Meshkati, the leading expert in permanent hair restoration for both women and men. After more than three decades of changing the looks and lives of people from her base in Paris, she opened her state-of-the-art treatment centre in London’s Belgravia in 2016, where those looking to overhaul their look (and lifestyle) flock to place their trust in Meshkati, regardless of the extent of their hair loss.


Amy Meshkati studied biology in Paris, where she became interested in the field of hair loss. ‘I worked on cases involving alopecia areata, which made me want to explore the subject further,’ she recalls. ‘Since then, I have had the privilege of treating people around the world, often being referred through word of mouth.

‘I don’t prevent hair loss – I reconstitute the hair and treat those who are unhappy with the density of their natural hair.’

Meshkati believes that hair and self-esteem are intrinsically linked. ‘Hair has a very symbolic importance,’ she says. ‘My goal is to achieve a beautiful, natural and undetectable result. I feel a strong sense of purpose when I see my client’s joy after carrying out the procedure.’


Each procedure starts with a detailed consul- tation, during which a specialist will examine the hair and scalp, and advise whether a surgical, non-surgical or combination procedure is suitable. When Nanoprocedure, the clinic’s popular non-surgical treatment, is selected, samples of hair are taken from the client. These are then sent to a laboratory to be analysed using Meshkati’s exclusive process, known as ‘DNA-Matched’, which compares them with hairs from the clinic’s bank of naural hair. Once a match in colour, texture and desired length is found, Meshkati can begin the ‘intervention’, distributing hair onto a vascularised area, following the natural line of the scalp. This takes around 20 hours, spread over three or four consecutive days. Before the client leaves, a stylist is brought in to wash and style the finished look. The procedure is permanent and the result unparalleled, due to Meshkati’s ability to add an unlimited number of hairs to the scalp.